African Resource Development and Advisory

An emerging oil and gas E&P, trading and advisory firm with an interest in plays across Africa.

DMWA Resources capitalizes on the extensive African knowledge and experience of its management. We seek world-class partners with the capacity to undertake E&P campaigns and trading ventures in Africa's oil and gas sector, and we offer a range of petroleum industry and fiscal advisory services.

What We Do


The extensive experience of our management makes us the first port of call for petroleum advisory in Africa.


DMWA Resources is well placed to assist clients in the oil and gas trading segment and invests in trading ventures.


We seek opportunities in hydrocarbons E&P and partner with global oil and gas firms to develop African assets.

DMWA Resources uses its vast network of capital markets and political contacts in Africa, Europe and North America to assist African petroleum companies looking to raise funds and expand their horizons. Talk to us about utilizing our connections to grow your business.


Although Chad’s production has declined from its peak in 2005, the government plans to double existing output to 260,000 barrels of oil per day by bringing new fields on stream. Oil has driven strong economic growth over the last decade. We seek to invest in Chad’s resurgent oil and gas industry by acquiring a material onshore play.


This tiny archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean is Africa’s latest oil and gas hotspot. The Comoros government has demarcated 40 offshore blocks, some of which lie in close proximity to the world-glass gas discoveries in neighboring Tanzania and Mozambique. DMWA Resources is considering potential investments in the island nation.


Congo-Brazzaville, one of Central Africa's most prolific petroleum areas, has shown enormous promise in its deep offshore and pre-salt sectors in recent years. Production of oil and gas is set to increase again, and DMWA Resources is positioned to bring its experience and knowledge to benefit Congo's petroleum industry growth.

Equatorial Guinea

The third largest petroleum producer in Sub-Saharan Africa has benefited from a resurgence in exploration activity in recent years. DMWA Resources is looking at a range of opportunities in the Rio Muni basin and the under-explored Douala basin, where large oil and gas-condensate discoveries have already been made.


Africa’s newest major oil producer, Ghana discovered the giant Jubilee oilfield in 2007, and brought it to production in 2010. The country has made several new discoveries in recent years, and is building oil and gas infrastructure for long term growth. DMWA Resources is well placed to invest in acreages contiguous to existing finds.


Off Africa's southwest coast, Namibia is virtually untouched by the oil and gas industry. Today hydrocarbons explorers are venturing into Namibian waters, hoping to discover world-class petroleum deposits deep offshore. DMWA Resources plans to be part of Namibia's exploration and production success.

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